Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sensory Trail on 24th Nov 2007

Was back in Ubin with Ubin Volunteers for the Sensory Walk on 24th Nov 07. This time round, I was assigned to do my OJT with one of the NParks personal. Basri has lots of stories and knowledge to share. U'll not be bored with him as ur guide for sure.

Something new that I learn from him;
1) This plant can be used to treat sore throat.
2) This raised platform is to prevent wild boar from disturb the crops with the bamboo stick help.
3) There are actually beavers in Ubin!

4) The best method to extract the sap from the Citronella plant due to its bladelike leaves.

And lots of smelling, tasting, touching, etc. Well, this is the sensory trail that suppose to enhance our 5 senses anyway.

Of course there are lots of fun too. :D