Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chek Jawa Seagrass July 2007

Made another trip with the Team Seagrass to Chek Jawa this morning. We were a little late due to some transportation issue. Were able to complete our primary duties - Seagrass monitoring still.

However, as the tide is already coming in by the time most of us completed. We will all ushered out by Siti hastily. As myself and Marcus finished the monitoring slightly earlier than the others, was able to spot some animals in the seagrass lagoon.

(Above: Sea Cucumber & Mantis Shrimp)

As we were moving back to the starting point (Information Kiosk), I can't help but to snap a few pic of the newly opened boardwalk which we are going to visit shortly.

After all of us have gathered at the information kiosk, we proceeded to the new visitor center for some cleaning up and breakfast (tks to Ria) before Ria is going to lead us into the coastal & boardwalk.

After breakfast (which I manage to take a few pix of CJ), we proceeded with the walk. Before entering to the coastal walk, there were lots of termites on the sand and everyone were so amazed by it.

After everyone happy with their shoot, we moved into the coastal walk. Along the way there are quite a few lovely flora.

The starting point of the boardwalk is only ~10mins walk from the coastal walk which was pleasant walk cos most part are under the canopy of the trees and plants.

We do get some spectacular view from the boardwalk. Since the tide is already in, we are not able to see any of the wetlands. No matters, the views there are still lovely.

Part of the boardwalk will bring us into the mangrove area. Just b4 we left the wetland area, someone spotted a monitor lizard along the shore. I reckon its the common water monitor lizard.

Just before we exit from the boardwalk is where the new tower is situated and this is my 1st up up on it. The view up there is definitely different from what we usually experience down on the wetlands. Up there, we can see the open stretch of forest. Cool!

As this weekend is the 1 weekend since the launch of the boardwalk where public are allow to visit on their own. Without doubts, people already are starting to stream into the area and since we have achieve what we planned, its time to head home.

Once again, another fulfilling trip to Chek Jawa. For more pix, do visit my gallery.

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