Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oh ChinHuat Hydroponic Farms Tour

Last Sunday (28th Oct 2007), a small group of us from arranged and make a visit to the Oh ChinHuat Hydroponic Farms along Bah Soon Pah Road near Nee Soon. While there we done their guided Hydroponic & Herbs tour (by Ms Ai Ling).

This is my 1st time visiting a hydroponic farm athough I have seen before some hydroponic systems but all those are only in small scale. For those will like to find out more on hydroponic, check out these few webbies.
Hydroponic Online
How to hydroponics
Jacks Hydroponics

Ai Ling is a very good guide (someone I definitely need to learn from on guiding). She has wealth of knowledge on Plants & Herbs and kept the whole tour interesting and engaging even though the whole tour lasted more than 2 hours.

We started off visiting their hydroponic systems. Right at their entrance, they have the "Drip System".

Next, she showed us the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) which they used for most of their crops.
The third and final system they are using in the farm is the Ebb and Flow system. And man! They can sure grow nice fruit bearing plants!
Ai Ling also shows us the various essential preparations in their farm like the nutrients preparation center, the seed germination center & Etc.

Second half of the tour, we proceeded to their Herbs Garden. The whole place reminded me of the "Secret Garden" we have in Pulau Ubin's Sensory Trail. However, there are some differences in the type of herbs that is available in Oh's Farm and "Secret Garden".

A nice Sunday morning outing we had. Thanks to Rummi for arranging it and I'm sure all of us (Gangjiong Spider & Wife, Dakoniel, Myself & Wife) had a fun and enriching session.
Till next time, a nice random pix I took of the farm. For more pix of the trip, drop by @ my gallery.


Waimun & Jean said...

hi solovani, thanks for taking such good pics of our mini-tour;)

looking forward very much to the Secret-Garden tour. when r u organising one??? (quick quick)

General Hydroponics said...

Thanks solovani,for sharing with us.It is really nice idea about hydroponic farm tour.As indoor gardening is increasingly becoming more prevalent due to some of its obvious benefits, most growers are opting for hydroponics and hydroponics systems for growing plants and crops.

Looking forward for more updates and pictures from you.